Why Vanuatu Made

When you buy naturally, you appreciate our home,
our heritage and our future.


The purpose of the official Vanuatu Made brand is to increase the sales of locally made products and to highlight such authentic items to purchasers. With this brand we aim to show the distinction between real Vanuatu Made products and fake souvenirs, which are made overseas.


Representing our brand, our official symbol is applied to select items to advise customers when such products qualify as authentic Vanuatu Made products. Our heritage cannot be imitated and by using the brand together, we will make a better future for us all.

We are empowering people just like you.

Here in our archipelago, skills and techniques are passed down through generations. Materials can travel long distances from Vanuatu’s many islands to make these special items. When a visitor buys a product with the Vanuatu Made symbol, the value is many fold. The product is authentically made locally and not a foreign import. Every real purchase also supports our local people and their businesses – improving their lives and community.

Made with care.
Our heritage cannot be imitated.

There is great value in this for all. That carefully handcrafted souvenir you take home represents sustainability and the on-going journey for our local makers and their valuable heritage. Nothing is mass-produced here, so all our authentic products – with the Vanuatu Made symbol – may be more expensive than the foreign fake items, but the real value for the local people and our economy is enormous. Supporting our members makes a great difference to everyone. Be true to our makers. Thank you.


Locally made Handicrafts
Weaving / Painting / Sewing
Carving / Jewellery / Pottery
Print Making

Local Agriculture / Farming
Fishing / Hunting

Oils / Chocolate / Perfumes
and other products
Origin of complete product is Vanuatu or good substantially transformed in Vanuatu
Goods assembled in Vanuatu
Locally designed / Locally
enhanced items


Proudly supporting Vanuatu Made products and our authenticity.