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Are you a local maker or seller of handicrafts or agriculture products? Because you could be eligible to join Vanuatu Made to earn and experience greater rewards.

Greater Visibility

Show your products and business to visitors and the rest of the world.

Better for the Local Community

The more approved brands, businesses and products that use our official symbol, the greater promotion for everyone. This will be better for our communities, local economy and Vanuatu’s future generations.

Approved Products & Sellers

Be part of the official worldwide recognized brand for Vanuatu Made products.

Sell more Products

Being an approved member of Vanuatu Made, gives customers more trust in your local business and your authentic products. This adds value to your products and gives you an opportunity to sell more. You will also be part of all of Vanuatu Made’s promotions to reach more customers locally and internationally.


Proudly supporting Vanuatu Made products and our authenticity.