Azure Pure Water – 330ml

Our Vanuatu Natural 330ml bottles are perfect for packing in a school lunch box, for a table of healthy birthday party drinks, or for catering events. You will find our 330ml as the sole water supplied to all Air Vanuatu Business Class clients. The small size minimises product wastage and maximises portability. Drink these handy “throw downs” anywhere!

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Manufactured In: Vanuatu

Azure Pure Water’s products have been created with careful consideration to meeting the needs of our clientele. Our bottled drinking water range contains a variety packaging solutions that will suit you and your family or business.

Azure Pure Water

From the beautiful shores of the remote South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu comes our amazing pure bottled water. Azure Pure Water is the manufacturer of Vanuatu Natural bottled water and is the largest bottled water company in Vanuatu. Azure Pure Water is located in Port Vila, Vanuatu, but distributes worldwide upon demand.

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