Manoic Flour

At Lapita, we solar dry and grind the chips from the sweet manoic variety into an easy to use flour, which is perfect for baking, as a thickener, and coating for fried foods.

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Manufactured In: Vanuatu

Lapita manoic flour is ideal for wheat and gluten sensitive consumers. An island staple, manoic is also commonly known as cassava or tapioca. In Vanuatu, the traditional root crop is grown by rural farmers throughout the islands.


Lapita is an innovative and fast-growing food manufacturing and catering company based in the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila, renowned for our specialty in Vanuatu’s traditional foods. We are renowned for our nutritious, traditional-style meals, snacks & gluten-free baking products.

All our products are processed using natural ingredients which are organically-grown and freshly-harvested by rural farmers. We ensure that all our products maintain unique and authentic flavours of Vanuatu.

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