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All produce handling from growing right up to packaging is done by local people who take pride in the ownership of this resourceful plant . A plant that was once only drank by chiefs and warriors in traditional settings, can be now made available to a wider range of people who appreciate the beverage and its etiquette. Most of our indigenous growers are subsistence farmers who rely heavily on their produce for revenue. Their hard-earned income is then transferred via Vanuatu’s National Bank or upon request, compensated with goods, fuel and equipment that are otherwise scarce in the islands.

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The Kava House

The Kava House is a locally owned and run kava business which aspires to source top quality Kava produce that is organically grown from indigenous Vanuatu farmers, processed, packaged and delivered by local staff with top customer care service to the domestic and global market. At The Kava House, we strive to be Vanuatu’s premier Kava producer in the market, sourcing top quality dried Kava that is organically grown in the volcanic islands by providing farmers with Kava plant education and general business management skills. We encourage farmers to remain on their island of origin and cultivate their land for cash crops such as kava while we support them with ongoing advise and expertise.

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