Tusker Lemon

Carefully Brewed and Blended using natural ingredients and the finest malt and hops the world has to offer, Tusker Lemon has been specially crafted with the tropical South Pacific summer in mind.

An easy drinking mid-strength lager with a refreshing fruity twist, Tusker Lemon delivers the flavor and fullness of a premium Malt beer. Touched with a fresh taste and aroma. The Alcohol content is 5%.

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Where to Buy: tusker.vu
Manufactured In: Vanuatu

Vanuatu Brewing

Proud Producer of Tusker Premium Beer Vanuatu. Official distributor for Coca-Cola in Vanuatu. In 1990, Tusker Premium Beer was introduced and commenced its evolution into what we’ve come to recognize today. Vanuatu Brewing ltd was founded in 1990 by a renown Swedish brewer, and already made to “craft brewery ” contemporary criteria.

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