Local hand crafted bag

We also sell natural beauty and cosmetic products such as tamanu oil and virgin coconut oil. Value added goods include creative designs and paintings on varieties of dresses, skirts, blouses or tops, ti-shirts, lavalavas, table cloths, pillow cases, bed spreads, shirts, kids wear, ladies long pants, etc.

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Where to Buy: activassociation.org
Manufactured In: Vanuatu

Everything here is made in Vanuatu. Some fo the crafters are working in front of you. Good place to get authentic handmade crafts from Vanuatu. You can walk here from the Market along the promenade. At Port Vila Community Handicraft we promote only genuine Vanuatu local products and value added goods. Genuine local products includes wooden carvings, shells, pigs tasks, bracelets, necklaces and ear rings, woven handicrafts such as mats (varieties) hats, (varieties) wall decoration mats, Fans, woven trays (varieties, table mats, woven bowl trays, etc.

Vanuatu Craft Association

Vanuatu Craft Association was established in 2005 with the aim to reunite various local craft brands. It includes brands as 7Seas Brewery, Confiture Mama Vila, Tanna Coffee, Aelan, Gaston Chocolat and more. At VCA premises, we produce craft beers, Kumara vodka, white rum, fruit spirits & liqueurs, vinegars and jams. All production is 100% local and organic made.

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